Closing Remarks

We at hetGE, always believed that engineering software do not have to be over complicated, ugly and difficult to use. If you already have years of experience, education, training in piling, you shouldn’t spend more time reading manuals (this manual you are reading simply exists for your reference and peace of mind), or playing guessing games with the software. This is why we started developing software in the first place.

Refined and globally accepted estimation methods wrapped into a clear and intuitive design, with Piles Capacity you can touch to build soil profiles, slide through different diameter and length combinations, and get reliable results faster than any other software in the industry.

But please do remember this; results of different estimation methods show a quite good scatter for the load bearing capacity of cast-in-place bored piles aka drilled shafts. Particular expertise for selecting the correct bearing capacity range is mostly based on the presence of local practice.

In cases where no case history record is present for estimating the pile bearing capacity, it is strongly advised to implement a full-scale load testing program and investigate typical tip resistance and skin friction values for underlying soil strata.

We have implemented a custom soil model in Piles Capacity XLS named “Manual”, where the user can directly enter the previously known tip resistance and skin friction values along with their increment with respect to depth. Using these data, actual bearing values can be easily analysed by the software.

We would like to stress once again that our software is designed for geo-professionals with considerable experience. If you are not one, you should consult an expert whilst using our apps.

We are always looking for new user interface ideas and more contemporary estimation methods to improve Piles Capacity. For this reason or any other questions or comments, you can reach us at

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