February 6, 2015

Piles Capacity is the mobile estimation tool for deep foundation designers dealing with pile bearing capacity of cast-in-place bored piles (also referred as drilled shafts) constructed in various soil profiles consisting of Granular layers (sand and gravel), Cohesive layers (clay and silt) and IGM-Rock strata (intermediate geotechnical materials and weak rocks).


Our touch-driven soil profile builder, the Touch Soil, is at the heart of Piles Capacity allowing you to see, touch, and manipulate the input with ease and convenience never before available in any other software. The rest of Piles Capacity has a modern design which priorities speed and simplicity to overcome complexity of the problem at hand.

For old school designers preferring keyboard and mouse, we have also developed a desktop version called Piles Capacity XLS for Windows-PCs with Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher installed.


User interfaces of these software are designed to be straightforward for seasoned pile designers; that means you don’t really need to read this or any other manual. This manual simply exists to clarify the estimation methods employed by our software.

In the pages of this manual, which is prepared by an extensive research of latest literature on the topic, you will find all references for our unique estimation engine utilised by both versions of Piles Capacity. There is also a detailed list of all references at the end of the manual.